21 Habits of a Good Teammate

Life lessons from Jon Gordon’s book “The Hard Hat”

In the game of life, we all need inspiration. Below are the 21 habits that will make you a better person and in George’s case a better teammate. These life habits can be used daily with our school district, our school family, your family at home or simply in your day to day life. The book is built on George Boiardi, a college lacrosse player who died after taking a hit to the chest from a ball in a game. His character inspired the 21 ways or habits outlined below, George inspired his teammates, I challenge you to inspire someone in your life. Focus daily to work towards developing one or two of these habits in your daily life.

Loyal to Riverdale Schools, Loyal to each other, #BluePride

1. Sweat More: Effort is everything.

2. WD>WS --Well Done is better than Well Said.

3. Choose to be Humble & Hungry: Be a lifelong learner and continuously looking to improve.

4. Pursue Excellence: 1% Rule, a little more time, energy, effort, practice, focus and care will bring results.

5. Share Positive Contagious Energy; Positive Attitude.

6. Don’t Complain; Stay POSITIVE.

7. Do it for the team, Not for Applause.

8. Show you’re Committed.

9. Never Take a Play off.

10. Hold yourself and your team accountable.

11. Treat everyone with respect and expect everyone to do the same. 

12. Give all and take nothing. 

13. Communicate. 

14. Connect.

15. Become a “Come with ME” teammate.

16. Practice selfless compassion.

17. Show you care.

18. Be a Loyal Friend.

19. Love your Team.

20. Sacrifice.

21. Leave the place better than when you found it