Education should provide for the development of the student according to his/her abilities, regardless of race, creed, sex, color, or economic status. The school should provide the opportunity for the students to master the basic skills needed for living in today's changing world and teach them to think more critically so that they may put the knowledge they have gained to its best use. Through teaching, the school should endeavor to create an atmosphere of moral, physical, and mental well-being for the individual student. Education should perpetuate and improve the culture in which the student lives. The individual should be enabled to enter more fully and responsibly into the democratic society of which he/she is a member. Education should stimulate civic consciousness and encourage responsibility in creative citizenship, so essential to the preservation of our democratic society.

The "Statement of Philosophy" of this District shall be a living document which reflects the contributions of staff members as well as the attitude and direction of the Board of Education. Moreover, it must be augmented and implemented by statements of philosophy and purposes which have been cooperatively developed at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in the District.


We believe the purpose of our special education program is to recognize each child as a unique individual, coming to us with varying aspirations, abilities, interests, and needs. We respect the rights, privileges, and differences of each child and try to provide the finest possible education for each of them.

We believe that the school, working cooperatively and continuously with the home and community, is entrusted with the responsibility for the growth of every child. Together they must work to develop in each child a personal feeling of well being and self worth if each is to evolve into a well adjusted, contributing member of society.

We believe that the intent of special education for the severely disabled child is to raise the level of physical, mental, social, vocational, and emotional functioning of the individual for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining skills to increase the individual's ability to interact appropriately and effectively with the environment.